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Preference is given to the high brow areas leaving others to take care of their waste themselves. This shows that in some industrialized cities, their sensitive population are those with heart and circulating ailments, chronic pulmonary disease and developing fetuses.

Heat Production kills vegetation around the heat area. Mostly, direct human health effects of hazardous air pollutants are experienced by industrial worker who are exposed to air pollution especially in industrialized areas. Industrial Pollution and Waste Management.

The environment air, land or soil and water was in the past pure, virgin, undistributed, uncontaminated and basically most hospitable for living organisms but the situation is just the reverse today. It decreases exercise tolerance in healthy persons. Sources of particulate matter can be manmade or natural. This reddish-brown toxic gas has a characteristic sharp, biting odour.

Refuse burning is the most common refuse disposable method in Nigeria and it constitutes a major cause of air pollution. Obviously, pollution in the air reasonable interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property. Therefore three important effects of air pollution in Nigeria are considered as follows, the effects on human, vegetation and on material. Nigeria is a land richly blessed with oil. Also, lange review of medical microbiology and immunology pdf there are alveolar macrophages of phagocyte in the alveolar of the lungs exchanging carbonic dioxide for oxygen.

When air pollution is severe, the atmosphere appears to be coloured. Reduces physical activity in heart and lung diseases. Some chronic respiratory diseases like Bronchial-Asthma are aggravated by air pollution, example, former workers of Nkalagu cement industry in Ebonyi state. Recently, the heat emissions of the sun are becoming rather scorching and experts believe it is due to the depletion of the protective ozone layer.

PDF) The Effects of Environmental Air Pollution in Nigeria

It is also defined as the presence of chemicals in the atmosphere in quantities and duration that are harmful to human health and the environment. The effect of gas flaring on the microclimate and adjacent vegetation in Isoko area. Since then efforts have been geared towards sustaining the environment. Moreover, the most effective method of control is to minimize the rate of production of pollutant in the first place. In the late nineties, there were three functional refineries when the crude oil was refined.

Air pollution which consists of indoor and outdoor pollutant has been a public concern in Nigeria. Considering the respiratory system of humans, from the nasal cavity to near the bronchi, which constitute the passage of air, mucus covers the mucous epithelium. The earliest pollutant noted in the atmosphere was probably of natural origin.

Dirtied by success Nigeria is home to city with worst PM10 levels

Air pollution in nigeria pdf

Plant damage could also result from mobile sources including automobiles. Today, the environment has become foul, contaminated, undesirable and therefore, harmful for the health of living organisms, including man.

Pollutants can be in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases. It is one of the several nitrogen oxides. Human exposure to these air pollutants is believed to have posed severe health problems especially in urban areas where pollution levels are on the increase. The Presidency, Abuja, Nigeria.

Thesis, University of Ibadan. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Material deterioration occurs when the following factors, moisture, temperature and sunlight are involved.

PDF) The Effects of Environmental Air Pollution in Nigeria

Industrial energy use contributes to the overall level of air pollution. Air pollution causes weather to change on a continental or global basis. Premature death of ill cigarette smokers and elderly person. Most times the burning of bush is done prior to land cultivation as one of the initial steps of land preparation. The largest proportion of these flare Sites and pollutant concentrations are located in the Niger Delta.

This is so because the electricity generated in the country is not enough to ensure steady supply of light. It suppresses the growth of flowering plants and reduces agricultural productivity and wild life biodiversity.

Therefore, we assume that at the same temperature and pressure, different kinds of gases have densities proportional to their molecular masses. Most of the hydrocarbons are also oxidized to yield carbon dioxide and water. They are at least monitoring the pollution levels, others are not even monitoring the air, we know that some are very polluted.

Dirtied by success Nigeria is home to city with worst PM10 levels

By Mo Fagbee and Tim Chatterton. The airway of trachea and the bronchi are provided with cilia to eliminate foreign substances. Although literature is deplete in this area it is obvious that such phenomenon is experienced. Efforts should also be made to recycle waste. It is normally encountered as a gas with a characteristic pungent odour.

World s most polluted city by air is in Nigeria - CNN

Zanele ShabalalaWorld s most polluted city by air is in Nigeria - CNNAir pollution in nigeria pdf

This legal sanction was followed a month later by Decree No. Classic smog results from large amounts of coal burning in an area caused by a mixture of smoke and sulphur dioxide.

There are always effects of particulate matter on vegetation. Refuse disposal is a major environmental problem in Nigeria particularly in the urban areas. The military Government in order to overcome the increasing air pollution or prevent further pollution established the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. The burning flame and smoke from the oil pipelines releases large concentrations of gaseous substances and particulate matter. It is harmful to the ozone layer emitted from products currently banned from use.

Rather, they form in the air when primary pollutants react or interact. Perception and reality assessing priorities for sustainable development in the Niger Delta. This is apparent in the change in the duration and intensity of rainy, harmattan and dry seasons.

The increase recorded in was the climax due to favourable government policies on importation of fairly used vehicles at the inception of democratic rule in Nigeria. The emission from flared gas alone accounted for more than one half of this figure.

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