Hand Reading Pdf

Look on the outer side of your hand, the beatles complete scores pdf near the pinky. The left hand usually represents what you were born with physically and materially and the right hand represents what you become after grown up.

If it is low, it's an indicator of superficiality and disorganization. To examine personal relationships, dreams, and emotional struggles, look at the other hand. Also, the features of the planets are revealed in the corresponding mounts.

Hand reading pdf

A Guide to Palm Reading - Real Simple

Bigger forces than your own will are at work. It starts from the reading of palm lines. Deep line - strongly controlled by fate. For insight into your work life and how you present yourself to the world, focus on your dominant hand.

The left hand is what you're born with, and the right is what you've accumulated throughout your life. None of this is based on science. There may be breaks in them or they may be short, but at least three of them are there. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. You want to receive a lot of love, but you don't necessarily want to give love.

Hand reading pdf

The mount under your index finger is called the Jupiter mount. The Mercury mount is under your pinkie. There is no scientific evidence for palmistry. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Cup your hand slightly under a bright lamp.

Some people think the right for female and left for male. The term means that whenever a situation occurs which involves you and someone you love, you will always put yourself ahead of the other person. Having trouble making out the lines? Make a fist with your right hand. That's what the fleshy bit below your fingers are called, on the opposite side of your knuckle.

Identify the four major lines. It has its roots in many traditions found across Asia and the Middle East, as well as later resurgences in Europe.

If it goes all the way across your palm, it means you are a person who thinks what they feel and feels what they think. This represents a person's learning style, communication approach, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge. Don't fall into the trap of trying to convince yourself that your palm matches what the palm reader says, if it's clearly different than this diagram.

When the going gets tough, keeping busy helps you feel safe and secure. The length of the palm is measured from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers. Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. You may need to chill out now and then. Short line - prefers physical achievements over mental ones.

And a difference in the hands could mean one is or is about to take action when it comes to their lives, changing it. Creative, perceptive and sympathetic Can be moody, emotional and inhibited Introverts Do things quietly and intuitively. Remember that palm reading is for entertainment purposes and there is no substantiated evidence of a correlation between palm features and psychological traits. To make them visible, cup your hand just a bit. But one is dominant and the other is passive.

For females, the right hand is what you're born with, and left is what you've accumulated throughout your life. Palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry or chiromancy, is something that's practiced all over the world. No-one is really confident about palm reading, so don't make predictions that influence others to harm themselves in any way or ruin their lives.

Don't judge others while reading their palms! It has its roots in Indian astrology and Roman fortune-telling. This is also known as the line of destiny, and it indicates the degree to which a person's life is affected by external circumstances beyond their control. Did this article help you? And your hands are known to change throughout time.

Lastest Questions and Answers. They contradict each other. You are reserved and prefer small groups to big ones.

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If this is well-developed, it means you are dominant, possibly self-centered, and aggressive. Help answer questions Learn more. Each break in the line represents a traumatic experience that has had an impact on your life choices. What's more, long fingers may be an indicator of anxiety, in addition to being well-mannered, good-looking, and delicate. Tips Accept that palm reading is not always accurate.

A Guide to Palm Reading

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If they're almond-shaped, you're sweet and diplomatic. Large hands are on those who are contemplative and slow to action.

Palm Reading Types of Hand. Warnings If you're going to do read someone else's palms, keep it light. It means you will shape your own future. Don't take any of it too seriously!

Hand reading pdf

House Feng Shui House Building. The palm lines are usually not fixed. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Relative to the size of the body, some say that small hands are active and don't dwell on thinking about what to do. It mostly needs your own effort and wisdom. Whether you're an aspiring palm reader or you're just looking for a fun way to pass the time and impress your friends, even you can learn to gain insight just by holding someone's hand. Examine the hand and finger size. Don't read other people's palms when your not supposed to because it can influence your own fortune.

Most people can match most of the lines described here, but it's common to be missing one, or to have a network of lines that doesn't match perfectly. Breaks usually mean changes of direction - you may be prone to many changes in life from external forces. Did this summary help you?

Keep a positive outlook on life, learn more about how to relate to other people well, and develop a good personality are what you should pay much attention to. This line can be read in either direction from the pinkie finger to the index finger or vice versa depending on the tradition being followed. Short fingernails mean you're critical and sarcastic. It changes as you get older or you experience more and more.