Honda Dn-01 Manual Pdf

Also check that the bearing outer race fits tightly in the left crankcase. Page Set a horizontal type dial indicator on the ring gear, ba157 pdf th ro u g h th e o il fille r hole. Install and tig h te n the bolt securely. The shift indicator goes off.

Install th e oil filte r c a rtrid g e and tig h te n it to th e sp ecified to rq u e. Check that air does not flo w A to C. Spin the wheel slow ly and read the runout using a dial indicator. Installation is in the reverse order of removal. Be careful n o t to lose th e spring.

Is the o il pressure norm al? Loosen the band screw and disconnect the w ater hoses. Clean all parts and blow dry them. Coat new O-rings with engine oil. Measure the side clearance by inserting the feeler gauge between the crankshaft and connecting rod big end.

Honda dn-01 manual pdfHonda dn-01 manual pdf

Install the bearing set plates and tighten the bolts securely. Unlock th e parking b rake le v e r ay p ullin g it.

The self-diagnostic memory is erased if the shift indicator goes o ff and starts blinking as follows. Loosen the band screws, then disconnect the water hoses from the w ater pump. Check the reed fo r dam age or fatigue.


Install and tighten the stator socket bolts to the specified torque. Eot Sensor Apply grease to the oil seal lip and install it to the right crankcase.

Align the orimary drive gear teeth using a fa t blade screwdriver with primary driven gear teeth. Install the drive shaft into the pinion joint until the Make sure the stopper ring seats in the pinion jo in t spline groove. Apply thin coat of Prussian Blue to the output shaft gear teeth.

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Afloat is incorporated in th e switch. No adjustment should be made about the exhaust emission control systems. Turn the axle and measure the runout using a dial indicator. Tighten the bolts in a crisscross pattern in several steps.

Honda NSA700A-DN-01 Owner s Manual

Use Honda Genuine or Honda-recommended parts and lubricants or their equivalents. Rotate the final shaft counterclockwise several times. Swash Plate Angie Sensor Resistance Inspection Inspect the resistance of the swash plate angle sensor shaft groove turning.

Honda NSA700A-DN-01 Owner s Manual

Install the therm ostat housing assembly in the Tighten the water reverse order o f removal. Install th e v a lv e ad ju stin g screw and lock nut. Install the dowel pins into the right crankcase.

Honda dn-01 manual pdf

Fill th e oil pockets in th e h ead w ith en g in e oil. Install the dowel pin and shim.

Turn the inner race of final driven gear bearing with your finger. Coat the swash plate angle sensor shaft with engine oil and install it by aligning its projection w ith the swash plate groove. Drain the coolant from the system by rem oving the drain bolt and sealing washer. Install the oil separator and tighten the bolts securely.

Honda dn-01 manual pdf

Speedometer Inspection Test-ride the motorcycle and check the speed meter page Does the speedom eter operate n o rm a lly? Set the oil level switch w ith same direction of the oil level switch installed. Tighten the band screw to the specified range as shown. Page Install the clutch piston into the clutch drum with Be careful n o t to rotating it until s fu lly seated. Each section is equipped w ith a swash plate, pistons and distributor valves.


Test-ride the m otorcycle. Release the radiator g rom m et fro m the fram e boss and rem ove the radiator. Be careful not to C a re fu lly install th e piston rings in to th e p iston ring g ro o ve s w ith th e m a rk in g s facing up.

Rem ove the fuel pum p assem bly w ith the packing. Coat a new O-ring with engine oil and install it. Tighten the bolts securely. Does th e lock up s olenoid valve operate?

Honda dn-01 manual pdf