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Images and description daily News Oct report. The fresh herb is available in wayside markets.

In some parts of India the oil has a reputation as a cure for Scabies. Bij het omhoog komen van de Himalaya begonnen de rivieren zich in te slijten. Le estati sono calde, afose e siccitose. Tot het droge gebied ten noorden van de Grote Himalaya kan ook tijdens de moesson geen regen doordringen, zodat er weinig groeit. Elephant-foot yam, Carrion flower, Devils tounge.


Jasmine essential oils are used to treat post-menstrual stress, uterine cramps. Its leaves, seeds and fruits are used in Ayurvedic preparations.

The bark has been valued as an anti-inflammatory, in wound healing etc. Used for reforstation, wood board, production of gums and fibers, and also in alternative medicine where a decoction of the bark etc.

De Ngozumpa- en Khumbugletsjers in de Khumbu zijn bijna even lang. The plants were for demonstration and identification purposes. Cannabis is now being leaglized for medical use in many Western countries. The seeds of this Okra like plant are scented, and the oil is used in perfumes. Hoewel dit de winter op het Tibetaans Plateau extreem koud maakt, valt er maar weinig sneeuw omdat de lucht ook erg droog is.


The plant is Used in Homeopathy. Onder het Mauryarijk raakte het over het Indische Subcontinent verspreid, maar in de eerste eeuwen n. Used as a herbal tea of medicinal value, mainly for urinary problems. Artemisia moderaspatana, Grangea maderaspatana, Perdicium tomentosum Madras carpet.

Tra i diversi ambienti si vedono scalette ricavate nella roccia e vasche per la raccolta delle acque piovane. The bark and leaves are used for the treatment of leprosy and asthma, also as for insecticidal use. It is also believed to be useful for treating jaundice. Ook het drassige laagland ten zuiden van de Siwaliks, dat Terai genoemd wordt, valt in de tropische zone. Agalaadaara is more frequent.

De natuurlijke begroeiing van de laagste zone, de Subhimalaya, bestaat uit tropisch en subtropisch bos. Shikakai has a natural low pH and very mild and ideal to wash hair.

Nithkunanathan as panelists. Adenanthera pavonina, Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm Red beadtree. Ten slotte, tegen de sneeuwgrens, groeien alleen nog enkele geharde soorten planten, mossen en korstmossen.

Er zijn zowel overeenkomsten als verschillen tussen de flora's van het oosten en westen. De zuidkant van het gebergte heeft een zeer diverse flora, die per vegetatiezone sterk verschilt. Deze onderverdeling is het duidelijkst in het noordwesten, waar de Himalaya op zijn breedst is. Kottagoda and especially Dr.

Er is ook een duidelijk verschil in de begroeiing van de natte oostelijke Himalaya en de drogere westelijke Himalaya. It has been introduced elsewhere. The timber stores water to met the drought.

Dummala, Resin used in Sri Lanka. Acalypha is used against asthma, piles, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Vanwege de naar het noorden stekende punt van India aan de noordwestkant van de Himalaya, begon de botsing daar eerder, om zich daarna richting het oosten uit te breiden. Sunday Observer images and write up.


The picture is not unequivocal although there seems to be some evidence in favour of these claims. Crateva adansonii, Crataeva religiosa, Garlic-pear tree, temple plant. Il complesso monastico fu edificato sui resti di una preesistente fortezza, di cui sono ancora visibili motivi di merlatura.

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Adhatoda vasica, Adhatoda zeylanica, Justicia adhatoda Malabarnut tree, Pavatta. The leaves of Justicia adhatoda contains phytochemicals such as alkaloids, tannins, saponins, phenolics and flavonoids. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Justicia adhatoda. They also contain increased levels of amino acids, notably lysine, tyrosine and sulphur, 12 steps a spiritual journey pdf which are usually limited in potatoes. Lunuwilla can be used as a substitute.

Aponogeton monostachyum See name resolutions at The plant List. Tillandsia sprengeliana is an example of a well-known bromeliad.

Croton megalocarpus has become a more attractive candidate than Jatropha a variety of Endaru as a source of Bio-diesel. It is used for inlaying work, cabinet making, violin bows and for walking sticks. The grey-green bandakka-like fruit has numerous seeds with tufts of long silky hairs at one end so that the seeds float away. In Ayurveda, used to cure skin allergies, leprosy, fever, reducing phlegm and as a digestive aid.


The bark and latex are used in herbal medications. Hence we strongly discount this etymology. The leaves are edible, while the fiber is a valuable product used for sacks etc.

The ants live in its thorns and protect the tree from encroaching plants, trying to grow near its trunk or leaves high in the canopy. Flowers and tender leaves are used to make herbal tea. Further more, sails are lowered long before the boat reaches land, and no such name is found in any other fishing harbour in Sri Lanka.