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Coordination and comparatives. Issues in the Structure of Arabic Clauses and Words. Evaluative adverbs at the syntax- semantics interface. Moi, je dors six ou sept heures.


Les adjectifs subsectifs petit, fantastique, pulmonaire, iso 10993 part 10 pdf etc. Late merge of degree clauses.

Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics. Cambridge University Press. Adjectival modification and multiple determiners.

The semantics of gradation. An Introduction to Transformational Syntax. The logic of conventional implicatures. Il porte bleus et des des rouges. Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

Liste de tous les adjectifs en anglais pdf (D H)

Adjectives and argument structure. Adjectives and presuppositions. Adjective order and juncture. Phrasal movement in Hebrew adjectives and possessives. Origins of Phrase Structure.

By Nuria Rodriguez Pedreira. The interaction between numerals and nouns. Regarde, il y a un homme bizarre devant la maison. Les chiens dans les magasins, c'est absolument.

Nominal tense and tense theory. Mais elle est aussi la moins sympathique.

Prenominal adjective order and communication context. Elle noir, des porte un blanches. Superlative expressions, context, and focus. Comparing theories of comparison.

Tense in the nominal system. Il est grand et fort, ils sont grands et forts. Adjective classes in typological perspective.

Mon ta ses notre vos leur - Lawless French Possessive Adjectives

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Can a not unhappy person be called a not sad one? Uninflected adjectives in Dutch. On the Syntactic Status of Adjectives in Romance. Georgetown University Press.

Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Problems of Projection, Representation and Derivation. Some problems concerning the logic of grammatical modifiers.

Licensing by modification. The syntax of predication. Connectivity in Phrase Structure Grammar. The spaceship weighs several thousand tons.

Cross-categorial restrictions on measure phrase modification. Capturing the Russian adjective.

Adjectives and Adjective Phrases. Il est beau, Ils sont beaux. Against a conservativity-based account of extraposition and scope effects in degree constructions. Japanese attributive adjectives are not all relative clauses.

Liste des adjectifs PDF

The morpho-phonology of the Russian conjugation. The construction of properties under perspectives. Why English adverbial -ly is not inflectional.

Tough Movement in the Minimalist Framework. The licensing of adjectival modification. The syntax and semantics of gradability and comparison.

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