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Discover Australia travel guide Guidebook. Enjoy fantastic photo ops before re-boarding the boat for a trip around the island of Bora Bora and a return to your hotel or the port. Are you a poor college student who wants to travel the world? Fish, dolphins, rays, sharks, turtles and more inhabit these clear-water coral gardens that are as excellent for snorkelling as they are for diving and swimming.

Haamaremare Iti and Haamaremare Rahi. See all the action on these extraordinary fish from the boat. Your shared airport transfer is a worry-free way to begin your vacation or business trip in French Polynesia. View Chapters Hide Chapters. Next, head to the Amanahune Bay lookout where you can examine rock formations that were once inside of the caldera of Bora Bora, a volcanic island formed after volcanic eruptions long ago.

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Small, family-run lodgings offer a closer-to-the-culture experience for considerably less financial output. Your guide makes several snorkeling stops along the way for an up-close look at sharks, rays and other fish. After seeing the sharks, go to another spot for a close encounter with stingrays.

By pre-booking a shared airport departure transfer, you skip the stress of finding a taxi to get you to your flight. By pre-booking, you avoid the stress of finding a taxi to make your flight. New Zealand travel guide Guidebook. Once you have met your driver, head to your vehicle and get settled in comfort for your shared transfer to your Papeete hotel or the Papeete Cruise Port.

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Fresh seafood stars on the menu, with burgers, sandwiches and local specials also offered for lunch. During the tour, your guide points out landmarks and shares facts about the island's marine life, culture and history. Snap on your mask and snorkel for a look, and receive helpful tips from your guide who ensures your comfort in the water.

Tasmania travel guide Guidebook. Coral atolls have this same calibre of lagoon minus the big island in the middle. Arriving at shallow waters frequented by blacktip reef sharks and stingrays, your guide demonstrates how to interact with these curious creatures. Your transfer will be confirmed at the time of booking and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to the driver. Observe this feeding frenzy from the boat, or experience the thrill through your snorkel mask while in the sea.

The stop got its name from Captain James Cook, who observed the transit of Venus from this point as part of his work for the Royal Society. You have the choice to watch from the boat or hop in the water and observe close up with the provided snorkel and mask. At the end of this comprehensive tour, your guide returns you to your hotel. While the lingering hype is outdated, French Polynesia is still about as dreamy as reality gets.

Your transfer will be confirmed when you are booking and you will receive a travel voucher to present to the driver. You also stop briefly at two scenic locations for a swim and a coconut husking demonstration. Black-tip reef sharks are another highlight of Bora Bora. Your guide explains the American presence in Bora Bora during the war and the mission known as Operation Bobcat. Australia travel guide Guidebook.

When waves crash against the rocks, the result is a geyser-like plume of sea water that showers on lookers. Fiji travel guide Guidebook. When making a booking, you will need to provide your flight details and your accommodation or port details. Your first stop will be on the west coast where you will visit the famous Marae Arahurahu, a relgious site dedicated to the ancient gods where important ceremonies used to take place. South Pacific travel guide Guidebook.

When booking, please provide your arrival flight details as well as your Papeete hotel information or port destination details. As you walk around the black-sand beach, note the monument that commemorates Cook's work here. Your driver makes sure that you arrive in the airport with plenty of time to catch your flight. Remember to book your return transfer too!

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Your shared airport transfer is a stress-free way to end your vacation or business trip in Tahiti. Resembling a traditional Tahitian hut, the building features a thatched roof, open walls and kitschy interior with sand floor, tiki torches and seats made from palm trunks. Venus Point, Taharaa View Point and Vaipahi Gardens After pickup from your hotel, set out to explore the island of Tahiti, overcoming procrastination albert ellis pdf traveling by air-conditioned coach with an experienced local guide.

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East Coast Australia travel guide Guidebook. Orohena, Aorai, Tetufera and Teamaa. Transfers also can take you to the main ferry pier if you are traveling to other islands by ferry.

Travel to the East Matira lookout to admire a great perspective on the shimmering lagoon. You'll enter to the Fa'aurumai Valley to visit the three waterfalls. Your guide explains how to cook these local favorites and shares other cultural and historical facts. Choose just the chapters you want. Stop near the barrier reef and discover a coral garden and marine park teeming with nearly species of tropical fish weather permitting.

Welcome to French Polynesia. After pickup from selected hotels or the Vaitape pier, board your traditional Polynesian boat for the first of several stops made during your mile kilometer cruise around the island. Discover New Zealand travel guide Guidebook. Individuals or groups can be accommodated, traveling by sedan or van depending on the numbers in your party.

West Coast Australia travel guide Guidebook. After watching the production process, taste delicious tropical fruits at a small fruit plantation. The lagoons are just as blue but there are freeways, more conservative values and nine-to-five jobs. It's unmarked and located at the base of a steep cliff on a narrow shoulder on the mountain side of the road. Start your day with convenient morning pickup from your Bora Bora hotel or meet your tour guide at the Vaitape pier.

Enjoy the beauty of the black-sand beaches and turquoise sea, a popular surfing spot. Sculpted by sky-piercing, moss-green peaks and lined with vivid turquoise lagoons, sultry French Polynesia is a place to take it slow and experience warm, laid-back island culture. Your guide can help you identify the plant life as you take in this botanical gem.

Snap on your provided snorkel equipment and slip into the aquamarine water that makes French Polynesia famous. Top experiences in French Polynesia.