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1 1 Million-Scale Maps of the Moon

They hope to promote Moon observation and knowledge because our satellite will become one of the next human spatial exploration step. The following are some of the more interesting craters. For every name that is placed outside of a crater, a dot is placed in the center of the crater so there is no question which crater the name is associated with. They are extremely old, most being formed billions of years ago by mechanisms very different to those on Earth. The Astrogeology Science Center of the U.

The Full Moon Atlas Lunar Navigator Map of the Moon

The boundaries of some features are not clear because the feature has been degraded or the image base does not show the feature clearly. Volcanic Domes Volcanic domes are amongst my favourite lunar features.

Most medium to large craters date back several billion years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The locations differ from what is shown in some printed atlases and maps, but Whitaker's location information is given precedence. Rather than a long description, we invite you to read the complete manual or the quick user's guide or to look at the screens copies to see what are the possibilities. The user should not expect to see all of the names on a map by viewing at screen size or printing at page size. From this Web site, you can download more translations here.

If another name or feature precludes this positioning, the name is placed elsewhere outside the feature in a readable spot. And this year it was evident that we have to dedicate this new version to Neil A.

By any measure it is a large valley. Topographic map drawn with airbrush and without albedo hues. In fact, the size of the equatorial ridge is comparable with the expected Roche lobe of the moon. The locations of some feature names were questionable because the names are not shown in the sources, or there is conflicting information in the sources.

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The authors are decided to upgrade periodically the software, databases and pictures library in the following monthes and years. Can complete the Pro version.

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Other language translation. Several domes are located on other maria. Ideal texture for using with scientific overlays. Needs a powerful hardware configuration.

Clicking on them gives further info on the object. Wrinkle ridges are thrust faults.

It is essentially a highly eroded crater chain. We propose you the corresponding texture with the highest resolution available today. Both single and multiple peaks occur and they are not always at the centre of the crater. Crater diameters are given in parentheses. All the files have been put together in several packages for making transferts easier, and for permetting everyone to download only requested elements.

Graben often occur at the edges of marie, where they have resulted from subsidance of the basalt causing faults to open up in long tracks. They can also occur in older cratered terrain. This software has been conceived according to the needs of Moon observers, but also as a powerful tool for people interested personally or professionally by selenography. Very high resolution photographic texture with shadowed relief realized from Lunar Orbiters data. Used in several books, magazines, observatories, universities, Web sites and blogs.

Kiviuq Ijiraq Paaliaq Siarnaq Tarqeq. Lacus Veris and Mare Orientale.

Moon survey for Christian Legrand and astronomical programming for Patrick Chevalley. Chinese authorities have released in february a global high resolution map of the Moon use the probe datas. In text discussing Moon images on this website, West means towards the Moon's Western limb i. Atlas is an inner satellite of Saturn. Traditionally, letters are placed on the side of the satellite crater that is closest to the parent crater, canon xl1 user manual pdf but at least one atlas uses font size to differentiate these features.

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Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature. However at resolutions approaching km, many unique details become apparent such as terracing and landslides on the walls, pits and rilles across the crater floors, ridges on the central peaks. If you think that a function would be useful for all Moon observers, don't hesitate to indicate it us.

Please choose the quadrangle you would like to view. They represent a nice imaging challenge. The purpose of the lunar maps presented here is to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive depiction of lunar nomenclature.

By convention North is up. This is not a complete record of cross references, only those discovered during the research for these maps. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Crater chains are unusual features composed of linear rows of small craters. The large structure was formed between two parallel faults when the crust was pulled apart. Presently we manage directly only English and French version which are available with the basic package. Wrinkle Ridges that occur on basaltic plains, a type of lunar valley or rille called Graben, and isolated faults.

Lunar features described below have a map and grid reference, e. Mimas Methone Anthe Pallene.

There is an approximate grading system. Linux system are not affected by this problem.

Wrinkle ridges are a common feature on basaltic mare deposits, such is Mare Imbrium and Mare Tranquilitatis, and on a few basalt flooded craters such as Wargentin. The situation is especially unclear in regions of the Moon where there are many of these lettered craters, or when the parent crater is located on a different quadrangle than the satellite crater. It permits also to study lunar formations with unique database of more than entries and a more than pictures library compiled by Christian Legrand. Sometimes Wrinkle ridges follow the outline of ancient craters buried under basaltic plains, for example Lamont. If a name does not fit inside the crater, the next preferable location is just outside the crater and to the right of it.

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