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Critical safety parts should be bracketed with! Displays the available channels in sequence.

Do not use an insulated transformer for checking the leakage. Keep the antenna far away from any high-voltage cables and install it firmly. The internal wiring is clamped using buckles to avoid contact with heat emitting parts. During Downloading, libros de ciencia y tecnologia pdf Hyper Terminal should be turned off. Please reference the part numbers below when ordering replacement boards of the servicing of this model.

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The Address discharge forms a wall voltage within the pixel to display color to be discharged before the Sustain Discharge period. When a still image is displayed in a sequence, this can leave stains or after-images due to the characteristics of the panel. Make sure the earphone is not connected. The picture size can be changed even in the blue screen.

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Bend the external antenna cable when connecting it to the product. At this time, Vscan is called the Scan Bias Voltage.

Therefore it must be packed in a strong case before the transportation or handling. Please wait at least one minute before the pulling out or plugging in the connection wire.

When the length of the cable is longer than for normal use, video may not be displayed on the screen. Check start Does input of Check the I key operate? In this Manual, some parts can be changed for improving. Also used to move up or down in the on-screen menu.

To view a satellite broadcast, you have to install an additional receiver. At this time, a Sustain Discharge does not occur for the Even line because the Even line is not scanned. This is about the aspect ratio of the top and bottom boundaries to the overall screen and users can select their preference. The contrast differs from the Gradient which means the number of brightness levels. That is, the Auto Power Saving mode screen controlled by the ambient light sensor aims at normal video of medium gradation.

Exquisite shock vibration may lead to breakage of screen glass or damage to driving circuit. Current Protection as defined below. Check the distance or angle from the monitor.

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Blank screen, Screen noise. You can select and listen to one of the supported languages or you can select and listen to both languages simultaneously. Troubleshooting Procedures Is the antenna connection setting properly configured? Be sure to use the screen of the original model for replacement.

Fix each anchor in the corresponding hole. Therefore, wait some time after separating the power cord from the unit. In this case, shorten the cable length. Therefore, if you find Sets that are difficult to diagnose or to repair, contact Daewoo Electronics.

Check if the cable connection is loose. Brightness Brightness is the brightness per unit screen area, the unit for brightness is candela cd. Be sure to take proper measures in protecting yourself and the machine when testing the system in the course of normal operation or right after the power is switched off. After the repair, make sure to check if the screws, parts or cables are properly installed.

Turn the power off and set to stand-by mode. For safety reasons, more than two people are required for carrying the product.

Antenna (Radio)

This is a measure to protect it from being exposed to moisture. Do not place the product in areas with poor ventilation such as a bookshelf or closet. Maybe there is interference between antenna and power supply line. Please try to separate them in a longer distance. It is generally used for watching public broadcast programs.

Antenna (Radio)


Do not change the specs and type at will. Contrast The contrast is the ratio of brightness of the brightest color to the darkest color. Picture is twisted and deformed Check to see if the picture-frame ratio is properly set up. Any electrolytic capacitor with the wrong polarity will explode. When voltage exceeds the specified limits, check each special part.


The supply shall provide latch-mode Over Voltage Protection as defined below. Make sure the wall attachment panel brackets are tightened. Be careful not to get your fingers caught during installation. Also check the antenna cable or the external connectors if they are fully unplugged.

Supplied from the power board. The resolution represents the number of pixels on a screen. Through a mono interface, it is hard to experience stereophonic sound and the sound is played using only one speaker. In these cases, make sure that the device is repaired before sending it back to the customer. Therefore, the Erase Discharge section is an important component for guaranteeing the drive margin, and is implemented by various methods such as applying a log waveform.