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The marriage certificate is apply for a number of reason that depends upon the consideration of the applicants. After getting Urdu nikah nama from nikah khawan. It is a legal evidence of marriage under the law. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

In the past days the marriage certificate is issued in Urdu language and now with the modern technology this certificate goes to computerized and now issued in Urdu and English both language. Your email address will not be published. It stabilizes society and guarantees wellbeing for the community. Sirf I'm in exams of combined F.

You can get your Nikahnama in any language as per your need. The computerized Nikahnama is a cogent, coherent and concrete evidence that confirms the solemnization of marriage between two persons.

Once you submit your case, our dedicated team will first search the Nikkah or Marriage records in the concerned Nikkah Registrar Office or Union Council of the city or district. Few years ago this nikha certificate was in Urdu and now according to the.

But they need to authorize us to bring someone to be their Vakeels who can pronounce offer or acceptance for Nikah on their behalf. Our Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has referred to it as half of ones faith. Do you please tell me the fee and procedure and kindly tell me how much duration they give you for Marriage Certificate. It describes the rights and obligations agreed upon by both parties Bride and Groom. ZahidLaw Associates provide legal help for such issues.

Nikha Nama (marriage contract)

Those who are unable to visit or travel to Pakistan for this purpose can apply online to get their marriage. Marriage Certificate is an official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. It is a beautiful gift from Allah to mankind. The moment when marriage is solemnized the nikkah khawan also known as molvi enters all the particulars of bride and groom along with two witnesses on nikahnma.

Two certificates are most popular e. You can certify these details independently. It has worldwide acceptance because Govt. Adam Alayhis Salaam was with all the pleasures in Jannat but still felt something missing.

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Marriage certificate pakistan pdf

Yes, you can do Nikah without Registration. The original nikah nama is in Urdu. In the clear terms of Nikah cited above, pdf benjamin franklin there is no need for Bride or Groom to join their Nikah ceremony personally.

Basically, there are two types of marriage certificates in Pakistan e. It gives solace and comfort to two people in the hearts of each other. It is that beautiful institution which makes the solitary lives of two people a partnership in the garden of Jannat.

Nikkah Nama Issuance

Birth Certificate Procedure

When both the Bride and Groom may join us on a video call. Allah blessed him with Hawwaa Alayhas Salaam whereby he now found complete solace. We process those documents through the concerned departments as authorized by the Government of Pakistan. You can also get legal help from our experts.

Need help in family issues? He administers the Ejab o Qabool in the presence of the Vakeels and two Muslims witnesses. Hence what we deliver is authentic and reliable. Death Certificate is very important and vital document evidence. Where the original copy of NikahNama always retained as a public record.

Format of Divorce Papers in Pakistan. So if you want to get the form while sitting at your home then simple click on the given below link so that it can be downloaded to your computer and you can then easily print it out. For Online Nikah registration please submit Marriage Form or contact for a price quote. We serve our clients worldwide including main cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

These persons are called Nikah Registrars. So, no Wali is required to perform online Nikah in Pakistan. This Nikah Nama Form Sample paper contains cross on the persons data so that the data of this person could not be misuse in any other activity by any other person. This certificate is an official record of Marriage between two persons and in Pakistan it is very necessary that to change the name when married. Once the records are found, a new application will be made on behalf of the applicants to get the copy of Nikkah Nama or Marriage Certificate.

Nikkah Nama IssuanceNikha Nama (marriage contract)

Dear contact our lawyers and discuss this matter with him. However, there is no such condition in Pakistani Marriage laws. The wali is typically the father or, failing that, a paternal grandfather or brother of the bride. In Middle East countries like U.

How To Get NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate In Pakistan

The Institution of nikah in Islam is most practical, sublime, an ibaadat and sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam. Both the Urdu and English Language would be used in the certificate explaining enough data which is required.