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Any business owner will tell you that the working world moves fast. Yes, it was Arya Stark who silenced the Night Ki read more. This includes templates, images and other media that are hosted on the English Wikipedia. When required, protection should be implemented for only a brief period, not exceeding the duration of the block. Never mind spellcheck, there will soon be another helpful feature to support struggling writers.

Other types of protection are detailed below. Pending changes protection should not be used as a preemptive measure against violations that have not yet occurred. This is useful for bad articles that have been deleted but repeatedly recreated. About Contact Us Advertise Sitemap. Administrators can prevent the creation of a page through the protection interface.

Main Page featured article protection. However, before official photographs were shared, cybercriminals were reportedly already preying upon the worldwide intrigue. Talk pages are not usually protected, and are semi-protected only for a limited duration in the most severe cases of vandalism. Such protection is case-sensitive. Do you want to request an edit be made to a protected page?

But since this article is subject to sudden spurts of vandalism during certain times of day, administrators should semi-protect it for brief periods in most instances. Upload protection does not protect file pages from editing. Today's featured article may be semi-protected just like any other article.

This protection is enforced by a filter. Pre-emptive restrictions on new article titles are instituted through the title blacklist system, which allows for more flexible protection with support for substrings and regular expressions. Are you currently blocked from editing Wikipedia and wish to request an unblock? Instead semi-protection should be considered. Are you in the right place?

Pdf editor 3.1 full gratisPdf editor 3.1 full gratisPdf editor 3.1 full gratis

Pending changes protection is a tool used to suppress vandalism and certain other persistent problems, while allowing all users to continue to submit edits. Are you trying to request protection of a page?

In all cases throughout this table, changes are immediately visible to readers who are logged in. Administrators should not edit or unprotect such pages without permission from Wikimedia Foundation staff. Looking for comprehensive photo editing and management software? An obvious exception to this rule is when files are protected due to upload vandalism.

Before making such a request, editors should consider how independent editors might view the suggestion and recognize that continuing an edit war is grounds for being blocked. When editors who are not reviewers make changes to an article with unreviewed pending changes, livro o sobrevivente de aleksander laks pdf their edits are also marked as pending and are not visible to most readers.

Pending changes protection should not be used on articles with a very high edit rate, even if they meet the aforementioned criteria. Rough guide to extended confirmed protection.

Its creator, Dom Hofmann, confirmed the news last year. In cases where pages in other namespaces become transcluded to a very high degree, this protection level is also valid. Protectedtitles see also historical lists. Do you need to report persistent vandalism or spam to an administrator? Five pillars What Wikipedia is not Ignore all rules.

Namespaces Project page Talk. Vine descendant Byte begins beta testing. When move protection is applied during a requested move discussion, the page should be protected at the location it was at when the move request was started.

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Pdf editor 3.1 full gratis

Categories, lists, and navigation templates Categorization Template namespace. There are several levels of creation protection that can be applied to pages, identical to the levels for edit protection. It was never used on the English Wikipedia. Wikipedia key policies and guidelines. Administrators can make changes to the protected article reflecting consensus.

Extended confirmed protection may be applied by an administrator at their discretion when creation-protecting a page. New users may also request the confirmed user right by visiting Requests for permissions. Extended confirmed protection. It is understood that there were fears concerning a Royal baby scam.

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Requests for page protection. They were then able to remotely ins read more. This protection level should be used almost exclusively on high-risk templates and modules. It was no secret that Hofmann read more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It also prevents others from being able to use the talk page to communicate with the blocked editor. It should be used on templates whose risk factor would have otherwise warranted full protection. As with full edit protection, protection because of edit warring should not be considered an endorsement of the current name. In the event of the confirmed death of a user, the user's user page but not the user talk page should be fully protected. Don't fall for this Royal baby scam.

Pdf editor 3.1 full gratisPdf editor 3.1 full gratis