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Note Notes like this are used to call your attention to information that is important to understanding and using Java or doing well on the certification exams. Is there any market value to the certification? If a public class or interface is declared in a source code file, then the source code file must take the name of the public class or interface. The Map interface provides the capability to retrieve objects by their keys.

You have to directly purchase the same from Oracle. Make sure that you read through each section, even if you think that you know it cold. Just think about it, as an employer, I do not have any other parameters to judge your technical caliber, so certification is a good start point. That's really sad if that's the case.

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Which declares an abstract method in an abstract Java class? The result is a String object.

Note Numeric Promotion Numeric promotion is used with both unary and binary bitwise operators. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Every source code file consists of the name of a class or interface followed by the. The only complaint I had was that it needed more exercises. If you successfully pass the Java Programmer exam, you may want to achieve a higher level of certification by taking and passing the Java Developer exam.

Casting can be used to change the object's reference back to its original class for example, String. Numeric promotion takes place before numeric values are compared. Here you will find the information about Exam Dates, Fees, Registration details, etc. Java's operator precedence hierarchy. What factors determine the order of evaluation of an expression?

Once you've taken the Programmer exam, I recommend that you take or at least study for the Architect exam. The questions at the end of this chapter will help you study them. Then highlight the ones that you need to study. An example of a widening conversion is when a byte value is promoted to an int value. If you are an experienced Java programmer and you want to pass the Programmer exam, this book will show you how.

The void keyword must appear immediately before main. Very simple language and easy to understand programs. The essay part of the Developer exam is also covered.

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The sizeof operator is not a keyword. Take the time now to go through the table and check off the ones you are familiar with. Learn CoreJava and advanced concepts in simple steps. Its really a complete site for doing your certification with great scores.

There are two types of casting, casting between primitive numeric types and casting between object references. If you can work your way through this example, you should be able to tackle any exam question.

The postfix form returns the current value all of the expression and then performs the increment operation on that value. The char type represents bit Unicode characters. This enables any numeric value to be compared with any other numeric value. Conventions Used in This Book This book follows certain conventions that make it easier for you to use.

It is possible for two String objects to have the same value, but be located in different areas of memory. Name the eight primitive Java types. What is Localization Testing? This causes s to be cast to an object of the Object class. Which of the following are valid double literals?

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Will see how it helps with the test. Unary operators perform operations on a single operand.

How to create a program's main method. It's up to you to identify which ones they are and firm up your knowledge of how they work.

For example, in the expression, -x, the - operator is used as a unary operator. For example, if you and I both create a class named Cool and then use the two different versions of Cool in the same program, the compiler and runtime system won't know which version to use. What output is displayed as the result of executing the following statement? It was a long fight but I managed to finish it. Do you think that if you achieve good percentage in Java certification exams, it will impact your credibility on your resume?


Observe the following chart-. You also learned how command-line variables are accessed, identifiers are formed, and which keywords are reserved by the Java language. Passing the Programmer exam is a prerequisite to taking the Developer exam.

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He covered almost all the core java and exam topics in this class notes. These are some of the easier questions on the test. How the bitwise operators work. How is rounding performed under integer division?

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The result of the operation is an int value. Unary Arithmetic Operators The arithmetic operators consist of both unary and binary operators. The exponent part is optional. Read through this chapter and fill in any gaps that you may have. Tip Tips like this are used to identify ways that you can use Java more efficiently or prepare yourself for the certification exams.

In order to cast to an object reference to an array type reference, the object must be an array of a component type that is compatible with the component type of the array type reference. Nataraj from Ameerpeta Spring notes by Mr. Being a Java evangelist since its initial alpha release in and having written several books on Java, I was intrigued about how Sun would go about testing programmers.