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With everything so perfect, reality seemed somehow fragile, as if the slightest interruption could imperil her pretty future. The elevator was just spilling open, and Tally stumbled into a clique of Naturals plastered with brittle leaves, walking last days of autumn who shed yellows and reds as she shoved through them. Tally swallowed and drank more Bloody, which at least stopped the room from spinning. The cry echoed off the concrete walls, leaving a moment of silence, as if it had surprised them both.

Westerfeld Scott - Uglies 02 - Pretties
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It was from back in the ugly days, but not so long ago. Compared with that, this place is tiny. Tally placed one palm against the wall as they walked, liking how cool the ancient stones felt. Tally leaned back against one of the cool stone walls, remembering the gray silk coveralls that Specials wore and the cruel pretty faces they were given. His big brown eyes beamed down into hers, and he lifted her up and squeezed her hard.

Westerfeld Scott - Uglies 02 - Pretties

She felt a dampness on her face, the breeze suddenly cold. To most people they were just rumors and urban legends, blamed whenever anything weird happened.

Oh yeah, and don't get that scar erased until everyone's seen it. She felt his breath against her, his hand warm and soft on the back of her neck.

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He took her shoulders and pulled her close again, and kissed her deeper this time, the warmth of his lips mixing with the strength of his hands on her, the taste of coffee and the smell of his hair. The pink flower in the sky faded, and Tally tripped over the winding roots of an old tree. Her fingers came away sticky, and more dark blotches dripped into her palm as she stared at it dumbfounded.

Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld pdf. Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld. Tally tumbled downward, the feeling of free fall surging through her body, familiar from all the times she had wiped out on a hoverboard or thrown herself from the top of a building. Her free hand grasped the roof's edge, and one toe managed to get purchase in a crack in the mansion wall.

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If Special Circumstances wanted to watch you, they'd know everything you did and half of what you were thinking. Spilled drinks filled the air with a sickly sweet perfume, and the floor was sticky underfoot. And when Shay's second attempt at running away had succeeded, Tally had been sucked into the whole mess.

Tally sighed, letting the uncomfortable shininess of everything slip away. Are we going as blimps or something? So when I got close to turning sixteen, I started thinking about leaving the city, going into the wilderness. Tally wondered if any of them were Specials. And then she'd be alone, almost like running away again.

She fingered a thread working its way free of the weave, wishing that Shay hadn't found the sweater tonight. The door closed behind her, muffling the tumult of the party.

Tally reached out toward the door, her hand shaking. When Zane handed Tally his coffee, she washed them down, then grimaced at the acid taste. Cray's invasion of her world was a part of that, she somehow knew.

It only took one veto to shut you out. The world seemed to turn around her, as if she were inside the stomach of something big and out of control. Still, someone had done a pretty good job on the costume. Bits of torn costumes littered the hallways.

The fake Special was still around, somewhere in the spire. She wrapped her arms around the cable, every muscle tense, barely hearing Zane's shouts above her, and gazed out over the river, amazed at her own vision. Like Peris had said, it did look really criminal. Finally, a sigh came through the mask, and he held up a crude leather pouch. The wolflike eyes sent a chill through Tally, and their advance, as purposeful and dangerous as a hunting cat's, made her body scream to keep running.

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Across the river, Uglyville was already awake. She was pretty sure it wasn't hunger. But Zane didn't seem to mind. It would be a really bubbly end to her career as a Crim. The shiny foil glimmered painfully in the sun, and the packet's edges felt sharp as razors.

Only uglies did stuff like hack mail. That's what the uglies were calling you. It could have just been pointlessly tricking uglies, rc novels pdf free or someone on the Valentino Bash Committee going brain-missing.