Vauxhall Vectra B Owners Manual Pdf

Vauxhall VECTRA Owner s Manual

The indicator ex ting uishes as soon as the footb ra ke is depressed. Page He ating The amount of heat is dependent on the engine temperature and is thus not fully attained until the engine is warm.

Vauxhall Vectra Owners Manual

Release the two at eye lev el. Page Drivin g and operatio n It is also p ossible to start-off without depressing the footbrake if the a ccelerator pedal is operated directly after mov ing the selector lever. The seat b elts must therefore z Airbag sy stems for driver, front alway s be w orn.

Vauxhall vectra b owners manual pdf

Fluid level in wind screen wash system too all functions after the battery has been low. Maintenance, Inspection System m iles k m.

Rotate left bulb carrier a nd disengage. Page Driving and o peration Warning Fuel is flammab le and explosive. Page Window de misting and de frosting He ated rear window, Heated front seats heated ex terior mirrors Two knurled wheels below centre air vents. The Calculation of avera ge c onsumption. Self-help Because your vehicle is fitted with a Consult a work shop.

Page Climate c ontrol The air conditioning will operate for a limited period of tim e. It illuminates if the footbrak e is not depressed. The paintwork of your v ehicle is exposed to Polishing is necessary only if the pa int has env ironmenta l influences, e. Each fuse has its rating written on it, in add ition the fuses are colour coded. Page In struments, controls For physical reasons, the engine temperature gauge show s the coolant temperature only if the coolant level is adeq uate.

Vauxhall vectra b owners manual pdf

The circuit is set for the driver and pa ssenger sides. Page The use of liquid filled run-flat systems or pressure control sy stem can b e fitted repair kits can impair the functioning of the retrospectively if so desired. Page In struments, controls Board In formation Display Av era ge consum ption trip computer Average consumption display. Tachometer Spee dome ter Indicates the vehicle speed. In the rear c entre console.

Page Driving and o peration It is not necessary to select the neutral position before starting. The selected selector lever position is displayed on the display.

If cooling or dehum id ification is not desired, switch off cooling in order to sa ve fuel. Head la mps with separate sy stems for without touching the gla ss.

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Screw the com pressor air hose to the the spare wheel well of the luggage and a ir hose from the stow age connection on the sealant bottle. Push down bulb at bulb hold er. The day time running lights switch off when the ignition is switched off.

Vauxhall vectra b owners manual pdf

Instruments, Controls In struments, controls Instruments, controls Control indic ators The control indica tors described here are Engine oil pressure not present in all vehic les. To adjust fron t seat height Pull han dle, slide seat, Turn handwheel Operate lever on outboard side of release handle seat Move seat backrest to suit seating position. If required, low er gears can also be ma nually selected to increase the engine brak ing effect. At high engine speeds a higher gear is not autom atic ally selected.


Page Fit tyres in pairs or in sets, los illuminati y el nuevo orden mundial pdf which is ev en for a lloy wheels to protect against approved by Vauxhall for the vehicle in better. Page Vauxhall lock c ylind er grease An engine w ash ca n be p erformed in the prevents the locks from freezing up. We recom mend tha t you consult a Vauxhall Authorised Rep airer.

On z Date, setting year, z Ignition logic, z Language selection, z Setting units of measure. Insert new b ulb so that the two lugs on the bulb m ounting enga ge in the recesses in the reflector. The instrum ents in yo ur vehicle m ay d iffer from the instrum ents illustra ted here. The manua l transm itters can also continue to be used. We recommend that you consult a Vaux hall Authorised Repairer.

Do not perform any altera tions on the belts, their anchorages, the automatic retrac tors or the belt buck les. To op en, press the point indic ated.

Vauxhall Vectra Owners Manual

Electrically Operated Rear Window Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Sunshade To red uce the sunlight in the interior with the sliding roof closed or raised. Page Electronically controlled driving z Automatic neutral shift function programmes autom atically sets the transm ission to N to reduce fuel consum ption, e. Page Driving and o peration The selector lever can only be mov ed out of position P or N w ith the ig nition switched on and the footbrake depressed selector lever lock. Towing Self-help, vehicle care Drive slowly.

Page De-icing t he w indows He ated rear window, Heated front seats heated ex terior mirrors z Cooling n off, Two knurled wheels below centre air vents. Warnin g To unlock Press button q on rem ote control. Page Climate control z Turn the temp erature rotary knob clockwise as far as it w ill go warm. Driv e a t a slower speed a nd with less engine revs for a short tim e if necessa ry.

Page Sun roof To rai se Turn the rotary switch to any position The electric sun roof can be operated between d and e. Page Washing Clea n edges and folds on op ened doors P olishing and flaps as well a s the area s they cover.

Page Do not attach objec ts or com ponents that The wide range of Vauxhall a ccessories are not approved for the Vectra to the allow s y ou to equip y our Vectra in head restraints. Automatic Transmission Automatic The automatic transmission allows you to cha ng e gears autom atically autom atic transmission mode or manually m anual mod e. Page Air d istributi on Air flow Sw itching automa tic recirc ul ation on In the menu for manual settings, select item Turn centra l knob clockwise or anti- or off Air Distr ibution. Page Manual s ettings Individual menu items are selected by Window demisting a nd de-icing turning the central knob and deselected by Under certain circumstances e.

The othe r pages of this chapter contain a sum mary of the intere sting functions in your vehicle. Page Cont rol indica tor v Lights up for a few sec onds when ig nition is switched on. Remov e the bulb housing downwards without pulling on the lead.

Page During operation the system is pressurised. Page Cruis e control The cruise control mak es it possible to store and m aintain a ny sp eed from approx.

Do not place the hands or arms on the covers of the airbag sy stems. Screw the filler hose to the tyre valv e. When the rotary switch is in position e, the sunroof is fully raised. If one brake circuit faults, the vehicle can To improve effectiveness, do not b ra ke still be braked with the other brake circuit. Rotate and press multi-function knob.