Vertical Roller Mill Maintenance Pdf

Follow gear manufacturers instructions. The T type bolts are screwed down by limiting moment spanner. Mount sealing rings into bearing cover. The finished meal is discharged by air while the coarse particles are returned to the grinding track for regrinding. If required the noses have to be machined as described under g above.

HLM Vertical Roller Mill

Check oil flow control instrument for proper functioning i. Check shoe plate of pull rods and sealing. For any work to be carried out on the gear itself, the relevant manufacturers instructions are applicable. Check claw clutch for smooth functioning b.

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Now the unit may be put into operation. The schematic diagram of hydraulic and pneumatic system.

The grinding parts can be left in the mill. Measure amount of cooling water f. Furthermore, the grinding of material is done under limited pressure.

Before pushing, mark the grinding track and output flange so as to replace it later on into the same position of pins and bolts. By inspecting the wear parts regularly replacement can easily be scheduled. All points to be greased with lubricants are checked. In any case observe the commissioning instructions of the manufacturer Regarding the classifier drive, check the direction of rotation of the classifier drive motor when the classifier is disengaged.

The grinding roller support is assembled according to drawing Assembly Device. Daily inspection During operation general inspection of the mill should take place once every day watching for strange noises and vibrations, loose screws and oil leakage. The motor drives the reducer to rotate the millstone, the raw material are send into the center of the millstone from the air lock rotary feeder.

When assembling the grinding rollers try to place them in such a way on the grinding plate that roller tire center and grinding track center are congruent. The pressure brackets of the grinding rollers are supported below the pressure frame and connected with it by articulation parts.

The bolts need not be tightened that much. Now the three connecting pipes of the collecting piping have to be fitted to the flange bearings and the flanges have to be welded to the piping. Do not tilt the grinding track because the contact surfaces might be damaged.

165t/h (wearing evening)

With the acceptance test being carried out the complete plant is once again meticulously inspected by the commissioning personnel and finally handed over to the operating personnel. In case, for ease of alignment, shims had been placed under these supporting structures, these must be marked to facilitate reinstallation when the parts are remounted later on. For this purpose, use thick walled pipes, cut them as required for each hoisting jack, and, for better seating, weld a square plate onto their upper and lower ends.

Set safety valves correspondingly. Oil replacement The first time of oil change shall be carried out in about hours running of rollers. The segments rest against the wedge-shaped rim on the outer edge of the grinding track. The temperature goes down from at nozzle ring to at the place one meter above the vane.

Maintenance High availability of system. Comfortable operation and maintenance. It is applied as a good solution to the technical issue such as low output, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost in the ordinary industry.

During this period all units, especially the power consumption of the mill man drive, the vibration monitoring and the mill exhaust gas volume are to be observed. In no case must the mill be kept running because the cyclones would be clogged very fast and it is difficult to empty them. Check direction of rotation of oil pump h.


Ball mill vs. vertical mill

Firstly, put the closed type sealed cap adown, clean out the dirt on the constructional surface, pull the bracket to the locating surface, screw down the guard board by bolts. Re-fix the plugs after the oil reaches the hole.

Grinding table median diameter mm. The reducer is equipped with hydro-static lubrication system. All parts in the mill to be checked for wear, especially the seal air ducts to the grinding rollers.

They must exactly be vertical pressing uniformly onto the hoisting jack and the underside of the grinding track. The output shaft is vertically mounted. Vertical roller mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into extremely fine powder for use in mineral dressing processes, paints, pyrotechnics, en 583-2 pdf cements and ceramics.

HLM Vertical Roller Mill