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At high flow rates, the number and size of cavitation bubbles increase much more rapidly than those at low flow rates. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded.

Increment of vibration level from cavitation inception to critical point. At partial flow rates, especially low flow rates, vibration level increases rapidly with the onset of rotating stall.

Vibration measurement in different conditions has been carried out in order to find the main reason for excessive vibration of the pumps. With cavitation number decreasing, the influence of cavitation process on vibration energy in different frequency bands is not similar. However, at higher flow rates, vibration trends do not follow the rule. If your institution uses Shibboleth authentication, please contact your site administrator to receive your user name and password. In order to avoid resonance phenomenon in pump running time, it should make impeller transient radial force frequency avoid range that can cause resonance frequency.

So it is essential to have an overall understanding of vibration noises in low frequency band at different flow rates. Centrifugal pumps Fault diagnosis Vibration analysis. Centrifugal Pump Vibration.


This paper attempts to clarify cavitation induced vibration characteristics in a centrifugal pump with slope volute. Our goal is to provide an integrated solution that lowers facility maintenance costs and increases production and profits. The time steps from second time step after are convergences. Consulting Access Special Emphasis.

Vibration analysis is one of the most popular techniques utilized in PdM programs. We can conduct the entire PdM program for you by assessing your machines and writing your entire database, free pdf unlock online utility including analysis parameters and vibration limit specs. Numerical characterization of pressure instabilities in a vaned centrifugal pump under partload condition. Haning window was employed to reduce vibration energy leakage during sampling process.

And the development process of cavitation is rather intensive, so single phase fluid status no longer exists. The reason probably lies in the fact that flow field interior impeller is in a state of two-phase bubbly flow region. The increments of vibration level from cavitation inception point to local maximum point rise along with flow rates increasing.

Vibration systems also provide consistent and accurate trending data on operating conditions, helping operators make more informed maintenance decisions. Customize your page view by dragging and repositioning the boxes below. The emitted noises during collapse of bubbles would be attenuated obviously because of the highly compressible two-phase flow.

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And it is defined as shown in. At the beginning, with net positive suction head decreasing, some small bubbles develop near blade leading edge. You either do not have a subscription or your subscription has expired. So noises emitted from collapse of cavitation bubbles are less weak.

The goal of this paper was to analyze the influence of cavitation process on different frequency bands in a centrifugal pump with slope volute. More over dissolved air in the suction fluid can possibly cause two-phase flow leading to the pump vibration. At different flow rates, vibration trends in variable frequency bands differ obviously.

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It is found that vibration energy trends are similar to that at -direction. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. So a thorough explanation of vibration energy trends in different frequency bands was rarely given in centrifugal pump. Vibration energy trends in various frequency bands were investigated. But another increase in vibration level does not occur.

Please scroll down to see the full text. Severe cavitation erosion danger may exist at the local maximum point. The most common method used to detect presence of cavitation in centrifugal pump is to identify the drop of head.

The stall cell transfers from one impeller channel to the adjacent channel forming unsteady characteristic leading to vibration energy increasing rapidly. When changing the rotate speed of pump, it will not cause vibration between the fluid.

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Seven accelerometers were mounted on the surface of slope volute to have an overall understanding of vibration characteristics. Learn about subscription and purchase options.